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Let's face it. Massage Therapists will tell you that massage isn't a luxury, it's a necessity.  While I understand and believe in that sentiment, I also know that we could all list, off the top of our heads, ten things that are more vital than getting regular massages.  Food, shelter, family, jobs, paying bills, maintaining a vehicle, etc.  I get it. What's also true however is that massage therapy, like nothing else, can enhance your health and well-being, making you feel and function better in every way.  My aim is to make massage therapy easily accessible through availability, location and pricing, so that this very important aspect of overall health can easily fit where it belongs among all the important things in your life.

Location. Location. Location.  Utopia Massage operates exclusively as an in-your-home massage service, meaning I bring my massage table, linens and products to you and do the massage there.  It requires no special set up on your part, and is convenient and safe.  For the same price as massage services in a spa, you get to relax at home! 

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