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Becky Wells, Licensed Massage Therapist - Utopia Massage currently operates through
UPDATE - June 24, 2020 I now have August dates for booking services in studio.  Again, these appointments are reserved for those with gift certificates or pre-purchased vouchers for services that include added spa treatments, since I'm unable to do those treatments as an in-home service.  If you'd like to book one of these times, or if you have any questions, feel free to text me at 402-505-0710.  I've also set an adjusted expiration date for all gift certificates and pre-purchased services.  ALL gift certificates purchased after November 15, 2019 will expire December 31, 2020.

UPDATE - June 12, 2020
I've been able to secure a temporary location on a limited basis!  SO EXCITED!  I have a few dates open in July that can be booked.  Soon I'll be able to announce August dates as well.  Due to the limited nature of availability, appointments will be limited to those people who have gift certificates or pre-paid vouchers for services that include spa treatments (Mama's Favorite, Totally Stoned, etc.)  Appointments cannot be booked online at this time, so if you are wanting to schedule, please text me at 402-505-0710.  All other gift certificates and non-gift certificate appointments will still be scheduled as out-call services in home.  (Meaning I will take my massage table and supplies to your home to deliver the massage.)  

May 25, 2020  Many restrictions on gatherings and businesses have been eased, so most are on a path to returning to normal.  This is not true for everyone, however.

During the shutdown, the owner of The Hair Market, where my massage studio is located, made the decision to permanently close, leaving me without a place to practice.  The restrictions which do remain in place have made it difficult to pursue finding a new location. Despite turning over every stone, I haven't found a place or a situation that will work. I'm still looking and still thinking about options, but I also need to have something solid to put my feet on for a while. So I'm making a decision to not make a decision. Please know that I understand this will not appeal to all of you. You have to do what is best for you. I need to stop worrying about finding a new place and focus on giving the best massages I can give in the current situation I'm in.

Here's how it will be going forward, at least for the next several months, unless something dramatic and amazing suddenly appears.

WHERE: I will be doing ONLY in-home and on-site massage for the next several months, probably through the summer. That means I would bring my massage table and supplies to your home to deliver your massage. It takes me ten minutes to set up and ten minutes to tear down. I can also come to your place of business, if you have a private office, or to your hotel room, if you're traveling in the area, or you can arrange for some other location and we can book several massages for you, family and friends. I can do only massages, no hot towels or added spa treatments, except essential oil infusion.

HOW: In-home and on-site services cannot be booked online, so you'll need to text me.(402-505-0710) Most of the time I'm unable to talk on the phone because I'm with clients or I'm at home, in our small apartment, where my husband is working. If you prefer to talk over the phone, we can arrange a time for me to call you. Appointments can be booked via email as well, but it's MUCH easier via text. A credit card is still required to book an appointment. If I don't already have your credit card on file, you'll enter the information securely online, rather than giving it to me over the phone or via text.

COVID SAFETY: I have ALWAYS used universal precautions when delivering massages, whether in the studio, in a client's home or on-site. I'll continue to practice those safety precautions. If you'd like more details about this, feel free to text me.

GIFT CERTIFICATES AND PRE-PAID SERVICES: You can use these to pay for your in-home or on-site services. If you have a spa treatment package, we will add massage time to the service to get you the same value. If you prefer to wait so that you can get your spa treatment add-ons, don't worry about the expiration date. For now, they don't exist. Once I'm able to find a place, I'll let everyone know how far out I'll reset them.

PRICES: June 1st, I am establishing new pricing for both in-home/on-site massage and studio massage (when I get back to it).  There will no longer be a travel and set-up fee.  Both studio and in-home massage wil be the same price.

If you want to purchase a gift certificate, you cannot. Due to all of the uncertainty about how business will be carried out in the future, it's best to not have open-ended purchases. If you want to pay in advance for your own services or purchase something for someone else, there are ways to do that. Feel free to text me at 402-505-0710 so we can discuss options.

You can rest assured that eventually, there will be closure to this unusual time. There may be a "new normal" and it may look very different than it did before. As far as Utopia Massage is concerned, there will be massages and you will be able to redeem anything that you've purchased in advance.
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