Utopia Massage - Pre-Made Spa Packages
Utopia Massage - Becky Wells, Massage Therapist

Pre-Made Spa Packages

Sometimes it's just easier to have it all put together for you, isn't it?  Choose from these varied combinations already packaged to meet certain needs and moods.

Mama's Favorite
75 Minute - $100     90 Minute - $115

Just what every mama (or papa) needs.  First your body soaks up the beneficial properties of the essential oil you choose.  Throughout your massage it is infused into your skin as its aroma penetrates your sinuses. Add the warmth of a hot stone foot treatment and hot towel wrap to your foot massage.  Finish with a long, luxurious face and scalp massage, complete with stone massage and a hot towel wrap.  This spa package includes a full massage infused with essential oils, a Hot Stone Foot Massage and a Face & Scalp Spa Treatment.

For the Love of Feet
75 Minute - $100     90 Minute - $115

We use every trick in the book to let your feet know you love them.  An herbal sea salt blend is used to slough off rough areas, then hot stones are used to ease muscle soreness and hot towel wraps are used to penetrate the feet with warmth.  This spa package includes a full massage, Hydrating Foot Scrub and a Hot Stone Foot Massage.

Totally Stoned
75 Minute - $100     90 Minute - $115

You'll not have a care in the world as the warmth of hot lava stones penetrates your back, feet, face and neck in this decadent spa package.  Hot towel treatments throughout enhance the warming sensation, soothing muscle stiffness and inducing relaxation.  You'll leave feeling light as a feather! This  spa package includes a full massage plus a Hot Stone Back Treatment,  Hot Stone Foot Massage and a Face & Scalp Spa Treatment..

Just Leave Me Alone
90 Minute - $150     Two Hour - $185

Like a quiet day to yourself, this spa package allows you to just be there as you soak in the beneficial properties of your choice of essential oils while you get almost every spa treatment we offer. During your customized massage, you'll receive a Hot Stone Back Treatment, a back mask, a décolleté mask and a Hydrating Foot Treatment..  Your skin will be infused with a creamy blend of your choice of essential oils.  You'll then be wrapped snugly to deepen saturation.  While you just lie there daydreaming, you'll be given a hot stone foot treatment with hot towel wrap and a Face and Scalp Spa Treatment. This spa package includes a full massage infused with essential oils, Hot Stone Back Treatment, Back Mask, Décolleté Mask, Hydrating Foot Scrub, Body Wrap, Hot Stone Foot Massage and Face & Scalp Spa Treatment.

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