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THE FIRST STEP TO BOOKING is to text me at 402-505-0710.

In-your-home massage means that I bring my massage table, linens and supplies to your home (or other place you secure) and do the massage there.  It's convenient and safe.  There is no special set up required by you.  I bring everything that is needed to do the massage.  All I need is enough space to move around a 6 foot by 3 foot table and a clear path to get to where you want to set up.  I'll need a place to wash my hands with soap, and I might need to use your bathroom. Things you might want to consider:  If you'd like a pillow, what kind of lighting you want, ambient temperature in the area you choose, privacy, if you'd prefer your own music.

Typically, once I arrive, it takes about ten minutes to set up.  During that time you can be getting your lighting and ambient temperature set, you can secure your home and silence your phone, if you prefer your own music you can set that up.  I do not need help, so this is a good time for you to get yourself focused on your massage treatment.  When my equipment is set up, I'll step out of the room to wash my hands and to give you privacy while you transition to the table.  The massage proceeds as usual from there.  When I'm finished, I'll step out of the room to wash my hands and give you privacy again as you get re-dressed.  Repacking my equipment takes about ten minutes.  After that, we'll settle up and pre-book your next appointment. 

The easiest way to check my availability and book in-your-home massages is to text me at 402-505-0710. If you do not have texting capability, you can also call that number and leave a message.  I'll return your call as soon as I can.  In-your-home and on-site services cannot be booked online.  A credit card number is required to book an appointment. Please see all booking policies below.

Booking policies: Once your appointment is booked, you'll receive an email notification to the email address you provided.  This message will confirm your appointment with all the information you'll need to put it on our calendar, to cancel or reschedule, or to contact me if necessary.  Depending on how far out you book your appointment, you may receive another email reminder with the same information.  Any time your appointment is changed, you'll receive an email notification.  If you do not receive the initial or subsequent notifications, it's possible that your appointment was not booked or changed.  You can also register for text reminders.  These are no-reply automated texts with appointment information.  I will also personally text you the day before your appointment to confirm and answer any last minute questions.

Booking some appointment types requires a deposit or full pre-payment.  These deposits are non-refundable and will be subtracted from any other fees subsequently charged.

Late cancelations/reschedules and no-shows may result in fees of up to 100% of the service price.  "Late cancel" is defined as less than 24 hours notice.  "No-show" is defined as not appearing for your appointment or not being at the designated place without notice, or giving less than one hour notice of a cancelation or reschedule.  No-show fees are up to 100% of the service price.  Late cancelations/reschedule fees are up to 50% of the service price.  

At any time during the service, the massage can be ended by me for inappropriate behavior by the client.  The full fee will be charged to the credit card on file.

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