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Keep Going
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Getting Here: On Massage Therapy, Entrepreneurship, Diet & Exercise and Urban Living

Keep Going

Things have been tough.  Getting the business established,trying to get into shape, overcoming financial set-backs, continuing to grow as a person... in all aspects.  High points have been few and far between.  Dreams loom large on the horizon. Strength ebbs and flows.  Creativity both guides and frustrates me.  The success stories of others inspire me and make me take a hard look at my actions. Self-assessment.  When the way seems lit with glowing achievement, I ask myself, "What did I do?  Did I do this or did I get out of the way of this happening for me?"  When I feel my feet stuck in the mire, I ask myself, "Is this my lack or my opportunity.  Is this the time to work harder and not give up, or is this the time to lift my head, see the way out and find the new goal to achieve?"  When I'm happy, I store it.  When I'm sad... well... I store that too.  No sense in acting like it's not there.  I revel in it all because it won't last.  Feelings change.  They always do.  And that's just fine.  When I'm sad, I'm driven to escape... by change or by perspective.  When I'm happy, as enjoyable as it is, I become complacent.  Happiness provides rest.  Sadness provides impetus.  Both go hand in hand to guide the way to the high places.  Rest in happiness, be energized and guided by sadness.  I never would have thought about what I wanted my life to be like and I never would have started to make the changes necessary to get me closer if I hadn't been sad, dissatisfied, tired and alone.  Anything less and I would have been complacent.  Anything less and I would have let atrophy set in.  Anything less and I would have looked to someone else to make my life for me. So, keep on.  Keep on going.  Do the next thing.  Think about the sadness.  Revel, but don't dwell.  Let it encourage you, but not define you.  Keep on.  You will walk into happiness.  You will walk into rest.  And then... the work will come again.  Life is beautiful that way.

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