Becky Wells, Licensed Massage Therapist - Specials and Promotions
Becky Wells, Licensed Massage Therapist - Utopia Massage is located inside The Hair Market by Sterling

in 2019
Every year I take stock of what I have and how things are going. I decide what's worth keeping, what should be tossed and what needs a little tweaking. This year, among other things, I tweaked my prices.


I'm all about keeping things simple, so, in an effort to do that, I'm eliminating all the little discounts I offer (over twenty different ones constantly being offered). Instead, I'm lowering my prices and simplifying my fee structure. I know how much money I need to make. I think I know what my clients need. Lowering my prices works well for both those things. It's risky, for sure, and if it looks like it's not working out, I'll let you know, but I have high hopes. Further down on this page, you'll see the new menu and prices. Most prices are going down.


In 2019, I am emphasizing the add-on spa treatments I offer. So, when it comes to filling last minute or hard to fill openings, you can look for those treatments to be offered for free. These are also listed at the end of this message. I'm eliminating the add-on packages I had (Snooze Button, Sole Food, etc). No one ever scheduled them.


My business policies have been updated for 2019. Not much has changed, but it would be good to review things like scheduling policies.


As always, if you have any suggestions or comments, please feel free to let me know. If you have the time, I'd appreciate reviews on FacebookYelp and Google.


30-Minute Massage (was $35) -- $30
45-Minute Massage (was $50) -- $45
One Hour Massage (was $70) -- $60
75-Minute Massage (was $85) -- $75
90-Minute Massage (was $100) -- $90
Two Hour Massage (was $135) -- $120
Totally Stoned Spa Package and Mama's Favorite Spa Package --
75-Minute (was $100) -- $90
90-Minute (was $115) -- $105
Two Hour (was $150) -- $135
For the Love of Feet Spa Package --
75-Minute (was $100) -- $100
90-Minute (was $115) -- $115
Two Hour (was $150) -- $145
Masquerade Ball Spa Package --
75-Minute (was $110) -- $115
90-Minute (was $125) -- $130
Two Hour (was $160) -- $160
Just Leave Me Alone Spa Package --
90-Minute (was $150) -- $160
Two Hour (was $185) -- $190
On-site Massage and Massage Events
(All prices are remaining the same)
One Hour Massage -- $90
75-Minute Massage -- $105
90-Minute Massage -- $120
Two Hour Massage -- $155
Massage Event -- $70/Hour (minimum two hours)

Add-On Spa Treatments

Hot Stone Back Treatment -- $5
Hot Stone Foot Treatment -- $5
Essential Oil Infusion -- $5
Face & Scalp Treatment -- $5
Back Mask -- $10
Decollete Mask -- $10
Hydrating Foot Scrub -- $10
Mineral Foot Mask -- $10
Body Wrap -- $20

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