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Utopia Massage - Becky Wells, Massage Therapist

Utopia's Signature Massage

I am certified in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy and Sports Massage.  You can create a custom treatment by combining different therapies.  Each customized massage includes a hot towel back treatment, hot towel foot wrap and  a face and scalp massage.

One Hour  $70
75 Minutes  $85
90 Minutes  $100
Two Hours  $135
30 Minutes  $35
45 Minutes  $50

In-Home and On-Site Massage

Learn more about scheduling massage therapy delivered to your home, office or other site by visiting our On-Site/In-Home Massage page.

Create Your Own Spa Package

To add spa treatments to your massage simply request it when you schedule by phone, in person or online.  Each spa treatment is $5-$15.  Spa Treatments may or may not add time to your massage service depending on what is selected.  Because some require extensive set-up, they may not be available if requested at the time of service.  Select from these spa treatments to create your own spa package or choose a package that's already been put together from the Pre-Made Spa Packages page.

  • Hot Stone Foot  Treatment - In addition to your foot massage, add a stone massage foot treatment with a hot towel wrap.

  • Hydrating Foot Treatment - In addition to your foot massage, a smoothing and softening scrub is massaged into the feet with an added hot towel wrap.

  • Hot Stone Back Treatment - Hot stones are used to add warmth and muscle penetration or to treat a specific area.  Add a back scrub by request.

  • Face & Scalp Spa Treatment - A longer, more luxurious face and scalp massage with stone massage and hot towel wrap.

  • Essential Oil Infusion - Choose from a variety of essential oil blends specially formulated to address certain issues: Relaxation, Headache Relief, Calming/Destressing, etc.  The oils are added to your massage cream and are used throughout your massage time allowing you to inhale the aroma and the properties of the essential oil.

  • Body Wrap - Allow a snug body wrap to infuse your body with herbal cream.  Add an essential oil for even further benefit.

  • Back or Décolleté Mask - Allow deeper penetration of your choice of essential oils as a comforting blend of infused cream and warm towels infuse your skin, muscles and senses.
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