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Becky Wells, LMT
Utopia Massage

I've been a massage therapist since 2003.  Believing that massage therapy enhances the life and health of all who receive it, my passion is for everyone to be able to benefit from it on a regular basis.  I'll do everything I can to help you incorporate massage therapy into your life.  I have training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Pregnancy massage; but also have extensive professional experience in many other modalities, enabling me to work with you to customize your treatment to your needs and your style.  In my off time, I enjoy "small towning" with my husband, Mark, writing our Facebook blog Hit the Road Jack.  I also have four daughters and six grandchildren.


I work by appointment, so these hours are subject to change and do not necessarily indicate the only times available.

Sunday - 11-3
Monday - 7-8
Tues - 7-8
Wednesday - 7-8
Thursday - 7-8
Friday - 7-8
Sat:  7-3

Currently working only in homes and on site.  Text me for questions and availability 402-505-0710
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