Utopia Massage - Discounts & Rewards
Utopia Massage - Becky Wells, Massage Therapist

Cost is the number one reason why people don't get regular massage therapy, so we created ways for clients to earn discounts.  You help us.  We help you.

Start off with low prices
We keep our business simple, so we can keep our prices affordable.  While still providing high quality massage therapy in a relaxing, beautiful setting, We keep the overhead low and pass those savings on to clients.

Pre-Booking Discount
If you are able to book your next treatment before you leave the one you are at, you will always get a $10 discount (on selected services).  This is for in-spa services only.

*THIS WEEK* Discount
For those who have constantly changing schedules, I offer a $10 discount for filling announced *THIS WEEK* openings.  Sign up to receive weekly email messages announcing these openings.  This is for in-spa services only.

*POP UP* Discount
When I have cancellations or rescheduled appointments, I offer those openings for $10 off.  Sign up to receive *POP UP* announcements if you're one of those "fly by the seat of your pants" kind of people.  This is for in-spa services only.

Monthly Specials
Every month I offer a pre-booking special or a pre-purchase special.  Sign up for monthly email messages to take advantage of these deals.  Unless otherwise indicated, monthly specials are for in-spa services only.

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